Uchuusen 1.0

Back-to-basics arcade space game


  • Cool physics and controls
  • Simple to play, but challenging
  • Great 8-bit style graphics


  • Very difficult at times!


Thrust has been used in video games almost since the beginning, and Uchuusen, or Spaceship, uses the idea of thrust again. However, where normally you would turn your ship and use a single thrust, Uchuusen removes steering altogether, and instead gives you two thrusts.

Using these, you can go up with both, or side to side using just one or the other thrust. Gravity takes care of going down. These controls are simple, yet make movement quite a delicate business. It's a very playable game though, with a good learning curve, and some pleasing developments over the levels.

Uchuusen is made of a short series of levels that are repeated, each time including a new element to make them more challenging, and it does get difficult!

The graphics look good, if you like 8-bit style retro graphics. The spaceship spawning animation is especially cool. Apparently Uuschen can be played through in twelve minutes, but it will probably take some hours practice to be able to manage that!

Uchuusen shows that you don't need complex controls to have a satisfying and playable game, and is a fantastic piece of old school arcade-like gaming.



Uchuusen 1.0

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